Gabriela GOUDENHOOFT is Associate Professor PhD, Head of the Department of Political Science and Communication Studies, Member of the Board of Faculty of History, International Relation, Political Science and Communication, University of Oradea.

With a BA in Philosophy and History, Bachelor of Law studies and a PhD in Philosophy, particularly concerned to develop inter and cross disciplinary studies that combine knowledge from areas such as philosophy, sociology, law, social psychology, media studies, discourse studies, social imaginary etc. In this respect she is the author of several articles, interdisciplinary studies and scientific papers, books in areas like political philosophy, social and political imaginary, diaspora, human rights, government, European policy, communication and discourse analysis.

Member of The Centre of Researchmain pag in Identity and Migration, member in the editorial board of the Journal of Identity and Migration Studies (; member of the reviewer’s board of the Journal International Business and Global Economy, University of Gdansk, Poland; certified in lobby and advocacy. Involved in several research teams for projects and grants, Fellow for Social research of ERSTE Stiftung – Viena, Austria (2015-2016) – Diaspora, nation states and mainstream societies in Central and Eastern Europe with the project ”Going Back Home Through One’s Language? Romanian Diaspora Media Discourse in DACH”; Jean Monnet module coordinator of the “A social Europe for youth: education to employment, (2015-2018), member in the Jean Monnet module ”Learning Democratic Action in a Multilevel Europe: Influencing the EU Decision-making Process” (2018-2021) and in the present module Jean Monnet: ”Communicating On EU Challenges To Fight The New Xenophobia COMXEN” (2018-2021).